Correction of wrong vignettes – under what conditions and how is it done?

Correction of wrong vignettes – under what conditions and how is it done?


Correction of incorrectly declared data when purchasing an electronic vignette is possible, only if in Bulgaria there is no registered road vehicle with a registration number that is identical to the one originally stated.

Under this condition a correction can be made, if an incorrect registration number is entered at the time of purchase, the country of registration or the category of the vehicle is mistaken (for example, a trailer is indicated instead of a light vehicle or vice versa).

In order for the correction to be completed, it is necessary for the owner or user of the vehicle to submit an application for change of incorrectly declared data to BGTOLL. The applicant must present: a vehicle registration certificate; receipt for the paid electronic vignette; power of attorney in case the application is not submitted by the owner of the vehicle. Applications are to be submitted to the Road Infrastructure Agency, National Toll Management at the address: Sofia, 86 Nikola Petkov Blvd., in the 27 Regional Road Administrations or at e-mail address:

According to the regulations, when purchasing an electronic vignette, the responsibility for providing correct information lies with the owner or user of the vehicle. In case of incorrectly declared data, it is considered that the due vignette fee has not been paid for the particular road vehicle (according to Art. 5, para. 3 of the Ordinance on the conditions, the order and the rules for construction and functioning of a mixed system for charging the different road vehicles categories on time basis and distance traveled basis) which may lead to penalties.

To avoid mistakes when buying vignettes, you should know that the entry of the registration number can be in both Cyrillic and Latin, but it must correspond to the symbols in the registration number itself. Only letters and numbers are entered. The symbols 0 (zero) and O (letter O) are not interchangeable. If the registration number contains a dash, period, or space, they are not entered. Despite the same price, the vehicle category is essential for the control of paid road fees, which is performed by stationary and mobile cameras.

Always check the entered data before payment.

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